Corridors Of Power
Gary Moore Band
22nd Jan. : Shibuya-koukaidou, Tokyo
24th Jan. : Shinjuku-kouseinenkinkaikan, Tokyo
25th Jan. : Shinjuku-kouseinenkinkaikan, Tokyo
26th Jan. : Osaka-festivalhall, Osaka
27th Jan. : Kyoto-kaikan, Kyoto
28th Jan. : Fukuoka-sunpalacehall, Fukuoka
30th Jan. : Nagoyashi-koukaidou, Aichi
31st Jan. : Shinjuku-kouseinenkinkaikan, Tokyo
1st Feb. : Shibuya-koukaidou, Tokyo
Bass: Neil Murray
Key: Don Airey
Drums: Ian Paice
Vo/Key: John Sloman

Victims Of The Future
Gary Moore Band
24th Feb. - Fukuoka-sunpalacehall, Fukuoka
25th Feb. - Osaka-festivalhall, Osaka
27th Feb. - Osaka-kouseinenkinkaikan, Osaka
28th Feb. - Nagoyashi-koukaidou, Aichi
29th Feb. - Nippon-budoukan, Tokyo
Bass: Craig Gruber
Key/Vo/G: Neil Carter
Drums: Ian Paice

Run For Cover
Gary Moore Band
8th Oct. : Nagoyashi-koukaidou, Aichi
9th Oct. : Osaka-festivalhall, Osaka
11th Oct. : Kyoto-kaikan, Kyoto
14th Oct. : Nippon-budoukan, Tokyo
15th Oct. : Akita-kenminkaikan, Akita
17th Oct. : Sapporo-kouseinenkinkaikan, Hokkaido
Bass: Bob Daisley
Key/Vo/G: Neil Carter
Drums: Gary Ferguson

Wild Frontier
Gary Moore Band
13th July : Nakano-sunplazahall, Tokyo
14th July : Nakano-sunplazahall, Tokyo
16th July : Osaka-festivalhall, Osaka
17th July : Tokyo NHK-hall, Tokyo
"Hit Studio at Night - deluxe"
Gary appeared on Japanese TV
on 15th July
Bass: Bob Daisley
Key/Vo/G: Neil Carter
Drums: Eric Singer

After The War
Gary Moore Band
6th May : Kawasaki sangyo-bunkakaikan, Kanagawa
8th May : Nakano-sunplazahall, Tokyo
9th May : Osaka-kouseinenkin-kaikan, Osaka
10th May : Nagoyashi-koukaidou, Aichi
12th May : Nakano-sunplazahall, Tokyo
13th May : Shibuya-koukaidou, Tokyo
Bass: Bob Daisley
Key/Vo/G: Neil Carter
Drums: Chris Slade

Since 1990, there was no live which had been performed by Gary in Japan,
we are longing for Gary's revisiting.
We want Moore !!!
I am looking forward to seeing you again in Japan.....
Japan Tour 2010
Gary Moore Band
22nd April : Shibuya-AX, Tokyo
23rd April : ZEPP Nagoya, Aichi
26th April : Grand Cube Osaka, Osaka
27th April : JCB Hall, Tokyo
28th April : Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo
Key: Vic Martin
Bass: Pete Rees
Drums: Steve Dixon
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